Walk This Way

So I’m really not feeling it this week. I’m struggling to flex those editing muscles, and every part of me wants to throw this thing away (this ‘thing’ being the rough draft of my Debut Novel).

I’m told it’s normal. I’m told that the feeling will disappear, by the, I don’t know, umpteenth editing pass. But, what to do until then?

It’s worth noting that writing novels consists of a series of early mornings, and lunchtimes, and late nights. It’s an hour grabbed here, 20 minutes snuck in there. It involves plodding along, creating something over time. Layers upon layers.

If we delude ourselves that it’s a straight, clear shot to the bullseye – without accounting for the gusting wind, or the cramping in our fingers, or the shifting landscape beneath our feet – well it would make the next part near impossible. We’d think writing (and editing) is easy, and be intensely disappointed when it’s not.

If writing were easy, every wonderful person on the planet would attempt to write a novel. Oh yeah, it’s National Novel Writing Month. So every wonderful person on the planet is attempting to write a novel (go for it, NaNoWriMo-ers! Word).

My antidote of the day is setting small, achievable deadlines. Now that I’ve beaten my self-imposed deadline for the rough draft, I’m yet to figure out just how long the editing phase will be.

So for now, a quick recalibration. This week I pledge to put in a solid 7 hours’ worth of editing/rewriting. I’m going to push that button, and walk when the green man says so.

For anyone else also struggling this week, whether or not you’re in the throes of NaNoWriMo, set yourself an achievable goal, and keep going. Walk this way, I’ll be right there with you.

Yours in creativity,


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