Encouragement for my Writing Friends

Hi there, fellow writers! I reached a milestone today, ahead of schedule (again) and wanted to share some inspiration with you, because it’s tough to write a novel (or any kind of book, for that matter).

Today marks the final words of my 3rd Draft, well ahead of my self-imposed deadline of 19th Dec. This draft, and the draft before it, took just 20 days each to write, and I am ecstatic with my progress.

The key for any writer, I believe, is setting your own timeline, whether or not you have to. It feels amazing to meet, or even better, beat those deadlines! It brings a sense of accomplishment and that little fluttery sensation in your chest that lets you know you’re alive. And that’s what writing should be about, right?

I also wanted to share this post, as progress can be full of ups and downs; just last week, I was deep in a funk, avoiding my novel, my confidence at an all-time low. I wanted to un-publish this blog and give up altogether!

The reason? I was slipping further and further behind in my writing goals, and I didn’t think I’d finish by the 19th Dec. Plus I thought the novel was no good and I was down on writing, full stop.

But…this week I picked myself up, cleared my schedule and just went for it. I cancelled all social activities over the weekend and powered through, because it was important to finish by the date I’d set on this blog. I didn’t want to disappoint my wonderful readers, so thanks again for being my rock!

I guess the moral of the story is, set yourself some deadlines, then go beat them. Allow yourself time to wallow in a little self-pity, but pick yourself back up again. I promise you, it’s worth it.

Best of luck with your writing and I hope this helps!

Yours in creativity,


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