30 Miraculous Mornings

If you’ve been following my blog posts, you’ll know that I challenged myself to wake up early every day for the previous 30 days, and write (as well as meditate, read and exercise, amongst other things).

I have a day job, so writing in the mornings makes total sense. I’ve been wishing for this routine for years but have always struggled to get up. I’d set several alarms, some of them in other rooms; even one alarm that required completing a maths puzzle before it shut off.

And I still went back to bed.

Now that I think about it, forcing myself to complete a maths puzzle just so I could start my day was entirely the wrong approach. No wonder I hated mornings!

I’ve got to be straight up, these past 30 days have not been consecutive, there’s been the odd wobble. But, this morning marked my 30th day of The Miracle Morning, and I feel fantastic.

The days I’ve beaten the snooze button have felt pretty miraculous. I’ve started the day on my terms, connected with my values and spent at least half an hour writing and editing my debut novel. I’m further along than I otherwise would have been.

I even caught myself singing on the walk to the train station. Me – the worst morning person I knew – singing that I was out of bed and alive, taking in the morning air.

I’ll have to stop or this will sound like a sermon, but seriously, go grab yourself a copy of Hal’s book, especially if you’re a writer or someone who wants to find more time in their day for themselves.

Did anyone join me for the ride? Be sure to let me know!

Yours in creativity,


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2 thoughts on “30 Miraculous Mornings

  1. Have almost finished reading Hal’s text. While I’ve found it a little heavy handed in its fervour, I’m up for the 30 day challenge!

    1. Fabulous news Maggie! Yes the style is upbeat to say the least, but the principles are sound. Good luck over the next 30 days!

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