From ‘Zero’ to ‘Hero’ in Two Days

Hello, all you lovely people, and thanks for reading. Why am I so excited?

I have set the date for my debut novel to be sent to an editor!

By Sunday 13th May, the manuscript will have started to stitch together in (somewhat) the right places. I’ll send it out into the world, to be marked through with red pen, on most lines, on every page.

That’s next-level terrifying, but we’ll get there. I promise.

The reason I have a date with the editor? I pumped out half a draft of editing (that’s 21 chapters) in two days.

Yep – in two days. I broke my brain and both retinas, but there you go.  I nudged the floodgates open and rode that tide of inspiration, or denial, or stubbornness. Probably that last one.

I heaved into my chair on Saturday morning, knowing I was two weeks behind. I pulled out on Sunday two whole weeks ahead. And now, the fifth draft of my debut novel sits gleaming in a folder on my computer.

When you’re lagging by two weeks, it doesn’t seem possible. I’m here to encourage you to shoot high. It is possible. I used to hate deadlines, but now they’re my best weapon. I love to dust them off, just to gloat at the universe; “Hey you, universe! Yes, you. This is something I can control. So there.”

You know what I’m talking about, right? No? Then don’t be a goose. Figure out what you’d like to achieve, then set yourself a deadline. This is my number one trick for getting words on paper and massaging them into something legible. The pressure of time.

So, buckle up. I invite you to travel the home stretch with me, your head lolling out the passenger side window as we rumble down that highway. Let’s see where this outlandish route takes us.

Hopefully, not hurtling over a cliff at 100km per hour. Nah, that won’t happen. Or will it? *cues next month’s update*

Yours in creativity,


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