Ready For the Editor!

Well, it’s done; the 7th Draft of my debut novel in only 8 months. I’ve just finished the verbal read-through and it’s ready for the editor. The pic above is what 90,000 words looks like!

8 months might seem like a long time to some, and a short time to others. But I have never reached this far with a novel, so it feels a little special. And everyone has to go at their own pace.

Now that I’m finished a fairly polished draft, this week I will find an editor and send out for quotes. It will be the first time I’m seeking professional feedback on the novel.

A little scary! But also exciting.

So, while I enjoy this little milestone, I wanted to give some encouragement back to you.

Celebrate your own milestones, whether or not they’re writing-related.

If you’ve started anything new recently, you’ll know that at first, it’s terrifying. Who wants to be a beginner again? Especially if you’ve reached a stage in your life where you’ve pretty much got your life and work down to a fine art (you hardly have to think when driving to the supermarket, or preparing a familiar meal, or deciding which cafe delivers the most consistent cup of java).

For me, there were many scary moments in the writing process; joining the self-publishing course. The first time I posted in various expert Facebook groups. My first call with an accountability buddy. Persevering to write through the doubt and fear. Committing to a schedule, then committing to deadlines. Calling myself a ‘writer’ for the first time.

So be sure to celebrate as you go along, with all the new things you’ll learn and do. The people you’ll meet, the inspiration you’ll find along the way. Because it’s those milestones that keep us moving towards our goals, that breaks the process down into manageable chunks.

Life ensures we have some tough days, each and every one of us. So when things are tough, just remember how far you’ve come. You may surprise yourself at all the ‘firsts’ you’ve accumulated so far.

And, if you haven’t tried something new in a while, I can totally recommend you do. Listen to a new genre of music. Read a non-fiction book, if you usually read fiction. Go along to that Spanish class you’ve always wanted to try. Heck, even walk a new route to work.

And above all, keep celebrating, friends!

Yours in creativity,


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