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  • As part of my super-awesome launch team, you'll get a free PDF Reviewer Copy of the book, before it's published on Amazon!
  • There will be an opportunity to shape the book via feedback and, if you're an eagle-eye, I'd love for you to play 'spot the typos' (totally optional for my lovely grammar/spelling nerds).
  • I'll also share exclusive freebies & behind-the-scenes info
  • I'll reveal a way you can download the final, published eBook on Amazon at zero cost to you. So you can have the super-shiny, official copy as well, for free.*
  • And, because you're so awesome, I know you'll support me on launch day. What's the best way to do that, I hear you ask? (Hint – it’s totally free and will take 5 minutes of your time)

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