I love my readers, I wouldn’t be here without you. And so, to give back some of those warm fuzzies, I’ve put together a free short story prequel to my soon-to-be-published novel, The Ghost Mothers, for you to enjoy.

Your free short story, Origins, introduces the lives of three epic characters, revealing the ghost-mothers – before they were ghosts!

Meet Audrey, Australia’s most decorated WWII spy and saboteur from 1950, celebrating her exploits; Deborah, a preeminent feminist from 1970, leading the inaugural women’s marches of the era; and Nicole, a Nobel-Prize-winning climate scientist from the year 2000, deep in the Antarctic waters on a research expedition. Find out how they came to be ghost-mothers in the ultimate adventure on their last day on earth.

You can grab your free copy here, and you can read the short story either before or after the novel, there is no set order (and no spoilers).

Thanks again for your support, it does mean the world to me, and I hope you enjoy your short story!