Hi, I’m Jackie McCarthy, a writer based in Sydney, Australia.

I write novels, short stories and screenplays, with a humorous take on contemporary fiction (particularly women’s fiction), near-future worlds and dystopias.

I am currently pages-deep in my debut novel:  a magical romp through the ages of Australia’s longest-running women’s magazine, where characters spring to life from ‘magazines past.’

I am a graduate of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (Screenwriting and Filmmaking), and Macquarie University (English and Cultural Studies), and have worked in publishing and the media for over 20 years, in both Sydney and London.

A bookworm and lover of all film genres, I will only watch horror movies on a small screen, during the light of day, through the gaps in my fingers.

I also dabble in filmmaking when time permits, and love being behind the camera. My other passion is travel, after catching The Bug on a working holiday stint in London. Most recently, I backpacked solo around Japan, but my heart will always live in Cuba.

I blog every couple of weeks or so, sharing news as I write, edit and publish my debut novel. You can sign up for my newsletter updates, which contain behind-the-scenes info not revealed on my site, as well as breaking news on my publishing journey.

Thanks for stopping by!