My Debut Novel – Plot Reveal!

I’m currently trawling through the feedback of my beta readers and working on the rewrites of my debut novel. Now that the story is coming to a more conclusive phase, it’s time to reveal a little more about the book itself.

The novel takes us on a magical romp through the ages of Australia’s longest-running women’s magazine, with characters springing to life from ‘magazines past.’

That’s all I’ve revealed so far, which is just a taster. So, let’s dive into more details.

The genre is women’s fiction, and I’ve used female characters almost exclusively. Most of them are epic. Some of them have a lot to learn (ahem…cue the hero).

Oh and, on that note, it’s unfortunate that I have to call it ‘women’s fiction’ just because that’s the recognised genre on Amazon. It’s a little dated in this day and age, and I apologise.

But, I digress.

Back to the story, we have a flawed hero, a young woman called Yasmin, whose skills lay in telling porkies. She’s not the most honest of people. But she has a dream – like most of us – and her dream is to work at Australia’s longest-running magazine. Throughout the book, we’ll see her ruthlessly pursuing that dream, sometimes to the detriment of herself and those around her. All while concocting the most fabulous tall tales she can muster.

Sounds like nothing can go wrong, right?

Well, the problem is that Yasmin has to face off the all-powerful and well-respected editor of said magazine – the irreplaceable Felicia Pine. Nothing gets past her. So, how will Yasmin land her dream job, with no experience and a faked resume?

Look out for the next blog instalment, in which I’ll reveal a further complication for our hero, in the form of fairy ghost-mothers!

Yours in creativity,


Ps: I’m revealing exclusive details about the book over at my Reader’s Group. Not everything is going to make it onto this blog, so head on over for goodies you can’t get anywhere else!

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